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🌴 Vidal Tropical Frogs - Bursting with Exotic Flavor! 🐸

Looking for a tropical taste adventure? Dive into our Vidal Tropical Frogs, the ultimate jelly gummy sensation! 🌟

✅ Made by Vidal - A name synonymous with candy excellence. ✅ 65 Count Bulk Tub - That's a whole lagoon of tropical flavor! ✅ Exotic Jelly Goodness - Each bite is a burst of fruity paradise.

These delightful gummy frogs are crafted to perfection by Vidal, a trusted name in the candy world. With a 65 count bulk tub, you're in for a hoppy treat that lasts! 🙌

Whether you're dreaming of a sweet escape to a tropical oasis or just craving some fun, Vidal Tropical Frogs are here to delight your taste buds. 🏝️

Don't miss out on this tropical adventure. Grab your 65 count bulk tub of Vidal Tropical Frogs today and let the flavor fiesta begin! 🌈🍍🐸

Tropic Frogs | Vidal | Sweet Tub



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