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Recycled Paper Rolls 500m x 200m

Create a classic, earth-friendly look for your business with these recycled kraft paper rolls. As a sustainable packaging option, they are perfect for e-commerce shipping materials, gift wrapping for any occasion, and filling empty spaces in boxes.
The key details:
  • Made from 100% recycled materials for reduced waste and environmental impact
  • Supplied on rolls with a weight of 88gsm, making them durable yet lightweight
  • Classic brown color evokes a natural, rustic aesthetic
  • Fully recyclable through standard recycling programs
  • Available in various widths and lengths to suit different sized products and shipments
The 88gsm weight provides good cushioning properties without excess material usage. Recycled kraft paper is recommended for items under 5lbs to balance protection and sustainability. Multiple width and length options allow for custom sizing.

More info about Kraft Paper
Recycled kraft paper is a sustainable option for packaging, shipping materials, gift wrap and more according to GreenBlue's Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Made from 100% recycled content, it reduces waste and environmental impact compared to virgin paper products. The classic brown color evokes a natural, rustic aesthetic that many consumers and businesses find appealing.
The 88gsm weight specification we sell makes this kraft paper roll ideal for a variety of applications while being lightweight for cost-effective shipping. Heavier weights would provide more durability but also more material usage and carbon footprint.
Some packaging suppliers recommend using kraft paper for items or shipments weighing under 5 kg's to balance protection and sustainability. It provides good cushioning and can be used to fill empty spaces without excess material.
The availability in various widths allows for custom sizing to different sized products or boxes. Longer roll lengths mean less waste from excess paper pieces.

Recycled Paper Rolls 500m x 200m



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