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    Welcome To The Sweetie Shoppie - Merry Xmas
    Welcome To The Sweetie Shoppie - Merry Xmas

    My Choc Pick n Mix Stand and Chocolate Flavoured Sweets


    If you love pick n mix then this is the gift for you.

    Treat yourself or someone else with this My Choc PICK N MIX 

    Inside the gift box, you will find a selection of all your favorite pick n mix sweets and a Pick N Mix stand.

    • Pick N Mix Stand
    • 9 X Tubs
    • 1 X Tongs
    • 9 X Bags of 25g Chocolate Flavoured Sweets

    Glisten Eggs, Chocolate Balls, Choc Raisins, Chocolate Peanuts, Pink Pigs, White Jazzies, Milk Jazzies, White Mice, and Chocolate Brazil Nuts.

    Once all the chocolates have been eaten then you can buy some refills and go again. 



    Sold Out