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    Welcome To The Sweetie Shoppie - Merry Xmas
    Welcome To The Sweetie Shoppie - Merry Xmas

    About Us

    We are a thriving start up, family run business based in Thurrock, Essex and we are passionate about us providing our full range of products at very reasonable prices and with the highest levels of customer service you could expect.

    The products we supply are very low value and the profit is extremely limited which is why we have automated most of our processes to ensure the you the customer are at the heart of everything we do.

    We like to ensure that your personal customer experience is right first time so that you can recommend, like our SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES and help us by promoting our business to your friends and family.

    This is why we have dedicated ourselves to build our Sweetie Shoppie Brand online across a range of outlets and share everything About us, our passion & enthusiasm with you.

    As we are a growing business, we will endeavour to create an even ever growing range of Sweetie Shoppie products whilst maintaining first class customer satisfaction.

    Please tell us and others whenever we get things right as this helps introduce more potential customers! But, also we need to know when we get things wrong so that we can learn about us and we can improve.

    We look forward to welcoming your first order and any suggestions you can offer!



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