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    Jelly & Chewy Sweets | Buy Jelly & Chewy Sweets Online | The Sweetie Shoppie

    Buy Jelly & Chewy Sweets 

    Gummies, gummy, candies, or jelly sweets are a broad category of gelatin-based chewable sweets. Gummi bears & Jelly Babies are widely popular.

    The name "gummi" originated in Germany, "jelly sweets" in the UK.

    The first gelatin-based shaped candy was the Unclaimed Babies, sold by Fryers of Lancashire, UK in 1864. Get quality Jelly & Chewy Sweets at The Sweetie Shoppie. Shop in store or online. Delivery 5 days a week. ... Learn more about our range of Jelly & Chewy Sweets

    Fancy something chewy?  We have a range of chewy sweets to make your mouth water! Chewy sweets are often produced using gums, jellies and mallows and are moulded to a selection of shapes such as severed body parts, fruit, and animals, checkout our Chewy Mowams here (one of my faviourite!). Because of the ingredients used within chewy Sweets they can be moulded in to just about any shape.